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Select from Eight Accredited Courses.


These courses provide a high-level view of the inspection process, allowing you to better interpret the report and provide a balanced perspective on the report to your clients.

1. Managing the Home Inspection
Agents gain insight into how to best guide their clients through inspection day, what is and isn't included in an inspection and how to help your clients interpret the written report.

2. Inspecting the Peripherals
This course dives into important inspection topics beyond the big ticket items (roofs, A/C's & Foundations) and provides Agents with the tools to better guide their clients through a home decision where a pool, patio or other peripheral is present.

3. Residential Structural Inspections
This course takes a deeper dive into the "Bones" of a house and gives the Agent useful insights into home construction. By the end of the course you may not be ready to build your own home, but you will be in a better position to spot concerns before and inspection ever occurs.


Electrical and HVAC systems are some of the most complex and intimidating systems for your clients when they show up in a report. These free curses focus on de-mystifying these systems and putting inspection deficiencies "D-Box" comments into perspective for your clients.

4. Understanding Residential Electrical Inspections
This course focuses on providing an overview of the most common electrical systems found in our area. The attendee can expect to leave with a solid understanding of common deficiencies, how to prioritize identified concerns and how to better translate "Inspector Speak" to your clients.

5. The Basics of HVAC Systems
HVAC systems are an integral part of enjoying your home in Texas and these systems are expensive! This course will share common HVAC systems, Inspector approaches to evaluating them and commonly reported deficiencies.


As clients (especially Millenials) become more aware of the environmental concerns that can impact their home it is important to stay current on these topics. The Mold, Going Green & Lead Safety free classes will provide a solid informational foundation for you as well as review the latest scientific advances.

6. Mold
Just the word MOLD can send many clients running for the exits. This course will provide an overview of how mold grows, what are some identification and remediation techniques and how you can help put mold into perspective for your clients.

7. Going Green
From Smart Homes to LEED Certified Homes, this course will share the amazing advancements revolutionizing the Green home construction industry and help you stay current with these advancements..

8. Lead Safety
Lead pipes and lead paint were commonly used in older construction. During this course you will learn more about the prevalence of Lead and be able to put the exposure risks in perspective for your clients.


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