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Planning to buy or sell a home is a huge endeavor – emotionally and financially.  Ensuring the home and the property surrounding it are in pristine condition in terms of the home's 'health', is crucial for the homeowner as well as any potential buyer.  This would hold true for not just previously-owned homes, but newly-constructed homes, as well. 

Welcome to Blue Sky Home Inspections!  Our company reflects top-tier specialists in Home Science who are passionate about serving those in Carrollton, and beyond, with delivering some of the most tech-advanced home inspection procedures you will find anywhere in the Lone Star State.

Homeowners yearn to generate the highest market value for their homes which is why a private/professional inspection before the home is put on the market vitally significant.  If you are a homeowner, you want to offer your residence with a 'clean bill of health' to maximize the chances of a much-quicker sale. Prospective buyers want peace-of-mind knowing their potential home isn't harboring unexpected surprises.  That peace-of-mind can be a deal-maker

To the shock of many, even newly-constructed homes may be embedded with one or more serious defects.  Often, municipal home inspectors adhere to only minimum building codes.   Even more disturbing, is the fact that some homes under construction are not, always, built to code – issues that range from missing attic insulation, to improper nails that don't properly secure decks, to defective roof installation, and much more can, sometimes, be left 'as is' in new construction. 

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Integrity is 'Job 1'

The cornerstone of Blue Sky Home Inspections is our drive to maintain our recognized integrity – with our competitors as well as our patrons.  Our expertise is unrivaled, and our operations have everything to do with our attention to detail, our simplified/transparent pricing, and our science-based techniques.  Our Carrollton clients can expect an exhaustive and detailed assessment from Blue Sky Home Inspections – you can count on that!

Our company's mission and philosophy revolve around four key principles:  1) inform and help protect our clients from potential and existing dangers 2) assess our home-inspection findings in a totally-objective manner 3) remain unyielding with our standards of due-diligence and excellence and 4) share our findings with all interested/relevant parties to instill insight and empowerment as it relates to the home buying/selling process.

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Technology is State-of-the-Art

At Blue Sky Home Inspections, we employ cutting-edge methodologies to offer maximized accuracy with determining possible areas of concern.  Through the use of tech-tools such infrared-camera technology and electronic gas moisture meters, maladies are brought to light.

Take, for example, Infrared-camera technology – this highly-specialized home-inspection tool may be able to detect temperature differentials and/or the presence of moisture, spot places in attics where excessive heat is transferred, expose electrical problems, overloaded circuits, and problematic heated floors.  It may, even, be able to detect toilets that are plumbed with hot water, instead of cold (talk about an inflated utility bill going down the drain each month) – and that is only the beginning!

The science and technology behind the instruments and methods we utilize at Blue Sky Home Inspections involve a very-complex discipline which helps to provide optimal benefits for every home-seller and every home-buyer.

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Inspectors are First-Class

Hello, I'm Tom Tracy, M.B.A.; and as the owner of Blue Sky Home Inspections, I offer a wealth of expertise as a TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) #23433 Licensed Professional Home Inspector, a Certified Residential Thermographer, a Certified Pool Inspector, and a Certified Pool Operator.

That expertise carries over to my team of company inspectors who are all fully licensed and, individually, bring to the table more than 400 hours of detailed training coupled with certification in, both, Residential Thermography and Pool Operations & Pool Inspections.  Additionally, my professional team takes in 16 hours of Continuing Education training twice, each year, to ensure every home inspection is masterfully performed – anything less would be unacceptable.

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Services are Exhaustive

A home's interior and exterior are, certainly, the focal point of a home inspection, but the actual property surrounding the home is equally important in terms of being inspected, too –  ponding water, improper drainage, negative grading that directs water back to the house, etc, are only a few issues that should never be ignored.  At Blue Sky Home Inspections, we evaluate fences, pools, sprinkler systems, gas connections, mechanical equipment, appliances, and more – all included in the cost of our comprehensive packages.  We provide digital and infrared images of our findings as well as an on-site video of a home's main components.

Our Carrollton clients benefit from our 10 AM/Next Day Reporting Commitment; and they receive a full-color, printed & bound inspection report that can, also, be viewed online – but there is more!  For a listing of additional services, please visit our Packages page.

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Availability Caters to Our Clients

Blue Sky Home Inspections is available whenever our clients need us –  7 days a week!  We, also, offer a Post-Inspection Consultation Call to further address and clarify any inquiries our customers might have.

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Blue Sky Home Inspections is available to address your home-inspection inquiries, at any time.  As the owner of Blue Sky Home Inspections, I know not all home inspectors possess identical industry knowledge; but with Blue Sky Home Inspections, we do our best to offer the best!

You can call to schedule an appointment; you, also, have the option to schedule an appointment online.

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Blue Sky Inspections is a NSPF Certified Pool-Spa Inspections Technician

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