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The decisions that have to be made during the purchase of a home seem unending from selecting an Agent, understanding the different school districts, finalizing the lists of Wants vs. Must Haves in your home and so many more decisions. It can be an energizing, exciting and sometimes a bit intimidating and Blue Sky Home Inspections want to help you make a better informed decision when selecting your Home Inspector. Now that you have fallen in love with a home, let’s make an informed decision on what to look for in a home inspector.

Frisco, Texas
Frisco Texas is one of the most rapidly growing cities in America and is regularly ranked as one of the best cities in the U.S. to live (Money’s top place to live in 2018). With retail centers such as Stonebriar Center (2000), Ikea (2005) and nearby Nebraska Furniture Mart the shopping choices are extensive. Frisco also continues to attract new developments of a massive scale along it’s $5 Billion Mile which is a corridor hosting such names as The Dallas Cowboys Star Complex ($1.5 Billion), The Frisco Station Development ($1.5 Billion), Stonebrook Business Park, The Gate, Hall Park and the National Soccer Hall of Fame to name a few. Plans for new arrivals include the PGA of America headquarters and the Keurig Dr. Pepper will be relocating their corporate offices to the areas well. But growth alone is not the best means to evaluate Frisco’s success. Frisco has always focused on the quality of the residents lives in the frenetic planning and developments they have undertaken.To best illustrate Frisco’s growth, in the 2010 census the population was registered at 116,989 citizens and current estimates have the resident population of Frisco at 182,598 as 12/1/2018. The Frisco Independent School District services the greatest majority of Frisco and regularly is scored as one of the highest ranked school districts in the state of Texas.

The history of Frisco begins with wagon trail settlers moving along the Shawnee Trail that would later be re-named the Preston trail and became the namesake for the main current corridor along Preston road. The original name for the town was Emerson. Later the U.S. Postal Service decided it was to close to another Texas city so in 1904 residents voted to rename the city Frisco City after the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway but was soon shortened to just Frisco. In case you happen to run out of things to do in Frisco you can get in the car and make the trip out to Cloyce Box Ranch (Now Brinkman Ranch) and see J.R., Miss Ellie and Bobby at the TV set for Dallas at the “Southfork Ranch”.

The Responsibilities of Your Home Inspector
Your Home Inspector should only work for one person…. You. When selecting an Inspector the home buyer is faced with an immediate challenge which is to find an Inspector that has the respect of the local Agents but isn’t compromised by the need to make the Agents happy. The relationship between the Home Buyer, Agents and the Inspector is unique because the person that pays the Inspector (The Home Buyer) most likely has never met the Inspector until the day of the inspection. While at the same time it is the Agent that has developed a relationship with the Inspector and the Agent has a financial interest in completing the sale of the home. While most Agents and Inspectors have high ethical standards the potential for conflicts of interest exist. At Blue Sky Home Inspections, we have four Core Values that guide every decision we make and every action we take, and they are:

Protect the Client.
Our client is making one of the most important decisions in their life. We use our training and expertise to keep our clients and their loved ones safe, both physically and financially.
Be Independent.
We pledge to always be the “Voice of the House” and evaluate it an unbiased manner. We must be an independent third party who our client can depend on to “tell it like it is”.
Be Diligent & Disciplined.
The success of our clients, our business and our profession are based on a diligent and disciplined approach to the inspection of a home’s complex systems. We must remain vigilant to our standards of practice and routines.
Share What You Know.
As an expert in the home sciences, we have a responsibility to share that knowledge with others. We help our clients better understand their new home.

What Is A Home Inspection?
Texas has the highest standards in the country for home inspections in order to safeguard home buyers and to add to the integrity of the home purchasing process in the great state of Texas. TREC has described home inspections as “An inspection addresses only those components and conditions that are present, visible, and accessible at the time of the inspection”. The Home Inspection Preamble in REI 7-5 goes on to describe the need to limit the scope of the home inspection to limit costs. If home inspections weren’t limited in scope the costs would skyrocket. Without limitations on the inspection an inspection could easily cost over $5,000 as Licensed Electricians, Licensed HVAC, Licensed Plumbers and others would be needed to conduct exhaustive testing. To better understand your upcoming inspection please read the TREC Preamble included in every inspection performed in Texas at

What is Included in a Home Inspection?
The list is fairly exhaustive with inspections covering over 1600 elements. The big categories of a Blue Sky Home Inspection include:
• Structural components including foundation and framing of the home.
• Exterior features including siding, soffit, porches, balconies, walkways, railings and driveways.
• Roof system including shingles, flashing and skylights.
• Electrical system including service panels, breakers and fuses.
• Plumbing systems including pipes, drains, water heating equipment and sump pumps.
• Heating system including equipment and venting.
• Cooling system including energy sources and distribution equipment.
• Interior features including walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairs and railings.
• Insulation and ventilation including those in the attic and other unfinished spaces.
• Fireplaces including chimneys and vents.

What is typically NOT Included in A Home Inspection.
Here are some things that you typically won’t find in a home inspection in Frisco, Texas

  • Hot tubs and swimming pools (Included in a Blue Sky Home Inspection)
  • Large kitchen appliances and central vacuum systems (Included in a Blue Sky Home Inspection)
  • Lawn sprinkler systems (Included in a Blue Sky Home Inspection)
  • Fire and smoke detection and suppression systems
  • Alarm/intrusion detection systems
  • Television antenna or satellite dishes
  • Detached structures like a garage or shed
  • Well systems
  • Code compliance
  • Environmental hazard report like radon, asbestos or lead
  • Termite and pest report

What Technologies Can Be Used in A Home Inspection?
Because home inspections are defined as a visual inspection the only mandatory tools required by a Home Inspector in Frisco, Texas is water pressure gauge, a flashlight and ladder to access a one-story roof. That’s it. At Blue Sky Home Inspections our tool box is packed with Hi-Tech products that provide you with the best possible insights into your home. They include advanced infrared imaging, electronic gas detectors, electronic moisture meters, advanced reporting software, long-term electronic report storage, online scheduling, online payment, on-site videos of your home’s key components and more. These tools aren’t gimmicks. They are proven, effective tools that increase the knowledge and insight you will have about your home.

Look for Flexible Scheduling.
Your Option Period is ticking by and you need to get everyone is the same place for several hours and in order to do that you need an Inspector that has flexible scheduling. Blue Sky Home Inspections offers appointments 7 days a week. We are also there for you after the inspection and welcome any follow up consultation calls and we will even review pictures of completed work if you need us to. We are there when you need us to be.

Training Requirements
Getting a Professional Inspectors license in Texas is a challenging process and includes completing over 400 hours of educational training in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Roofing, Building Enclosures, Framing, Foundations, Appliances, Legal & Ethics, Report Writing and more. That is just the beginning. In order to better serve you your Inspector has completed Coursework to become a Certified Residential Thermographer to fully leverage infrared technology during your inspection as well as Certifications as a Pool Inspector and Pool Operator which are recognized by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Give Us a Call, Today
Blue Sky Home Inspections is available to address your home-inspection inquiries, at any time.  Blue Sky Home Inspections is a private, locally owned company serving all of the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. The owner, Tom Tracy, M.B.A. is a TREC #23433 Licensed Professional Home Inspector, a Certified Residential Thermographer, a Certified Pool Inspector, and a Certified Pool Operator. After a successful career in Senior Management, Tom decided to put a decade of experience in the home improvement industry to work serving people as a Home Inspector.

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Blue Sky Inspections is a NSPF Certified Pool-Spa Inspections Technician

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