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Hello! –  you have reached the site of Blue Sky Home Inspections.  Are you planning on buying or selling a home in the near future?  If so, having the home inspected by a professional home inspector is vitally important.  Previously-owned homes, as well as newly-constructed homes, may include small problems or larger ones – some, of which, can be health risks.  At Blue Sky Home Inspections, we offer Plano residents with the most tech-advanced home-inspection tools to ensure the utmost thoroughness and accuracy.

Those selling a home can potentially benefit from a much-quicker sale if a home's maladies are discovered and ideally remedied before a prospective buyer ever steps inside.  Home buyers, on the other hand, can request a price reduction if certain issues are known, but not corrected.  Additionally, buyers can use a home inspection to understand the nuances of what will, likely, be the biggest purchase they will ever make.   

It would be remiss not to point out that, even, newly-constructed homes may hide one or more serious defects.  Municipal home inspectors may adhere to only minimum building codes; and some homes under construction are not, always, built to code!  Missing attic insulation, improper nails that don't optimally secure decks, and defective roof installation are only a few examples of unacceptable workmanship that one might find in newly-constructed residences. 

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Integrity is Unquestioned

At Blue Sky Home Inspections, our integrity is what drives our company – day in and day out.  Our expertise has everything to do with our attention to detail, our simplified/transparent pricing, and our science-based techniques.

Four key components highlight our company's mission and philosophy:  1) inform and help protect our clients from potential and existing dangers 2) assess our home-inspection findings in an objective, third-party manner 3) remain passionate with our expectations for excellence and 4) share our findings with all interested/relevant parties to help generate trust and empowerment as it relates to the home buying/selling process.

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Technology is Cutting-Edge

The evolution of home-inspection methods has certainly progressed from the archaic tools of a flashlight, a clipboard, and simplified testing devices.  At Blue Sky Home Inspections, we employ tech-advanced, highly-specialized equipment to exhaustively locate, identify, test, measure, and diagnose problems – both large and small.  From infrared-camera technology to electronic gas moisture meters and more, Blue Sky Home Inspections' thoroughness and accuracy mean you know what you are dealing with as a home seller or home buyer.

Infrared-camera technology, for example, may spot places in attics where excessive heat is transferred, expose electrical problems, overloaded circuits, problematic heated floors, and may even reveal toilets that are plumbed with hot water, instead of cold – yes, it does happen!    

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Inspectors are To-Tier Knowledgeable

Hello, I'm Tom Tracy, M.B.A., owner of Blue Sky Home Inspections.  My expertise in the home-inspections industry allows me to offer nothing but the best for each and every client.  I am a TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) #23433 Licensed Professional Home Inspector, a Certified Residential Thermographer, a Certified Pool Inspector, and a Certified Pool Operator.

My company's team of inspectors are all fully licensed and have, individually, accumulated more than 400 hours of intense training.  But there is much more – each home inspector is certified in, both, Residential Thermography and Pool Operations & Pool Inspections and attends 16 hours of Continuing Education training twice, each year.  Highly-qualified, impressively-dedicated professionals reflect what Blue Sky Home Inspections offers – we accept nothing less.

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Services are Exhaustive

It is not just the home, itself, that should be inspected, but the surrounding property should receive equal attention.  At Blue Sky Home Inspections we assess fences, pools, sprinkler systems, gas connections, mechanical equipment, appliances, and more.  We provide digital and infrared images of our findings as well as an on-site video of a home's main components.

Our Plano clients appreciate our 10 AM/Next Day Reporting Commitment; and they receive a full-color, printed & bound inspection report that can, also, be viewed online.  For a listing of additional services, please visit our Packages page.

Blue Sky Home Inspections – Our Availability is Customer Friendly

We know our Plano clients lead busy lives; and because of that, we cater to them by being available to  suit their schedules –  7 days a week!  We, also, offer a Post-Inspection Consultation Call to further address and clarify any inquiries our customers might have.

Give Us a Call, Today

If you have any questions concerning the home-inspection process, just give us a call – we will be happy to address your inquiries!  It is an established fact that not all home inspectors are equally knowledgeable; but with Blue Sky Home Inspections, you can count on unrivaled expertise!

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Blue Sky Inspections is a NSPF Certified Pool-Spa Inspections Technician

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